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Dynamic Software™ Upgrade Policy

Dynamic Software™ products are updated for life for free! The term Life, refers to the life cycle of the product, not the life of the person who purchased it. The term Life Cycle, refers to the major version number of a product.  For example, the previous version of Dynamic Submission was 6.1.49. The three components of the version number are as follows: <Major Version Number>.<Minor Version Number>.<Hot Fix Number>. 

The software is updated and supported until the major version number is updated. We post minor version updates on our website and you may download and use them for free during a product's life cycle. When the major version number goes up, the previous version's life cycle is over. You may continue to use the software for as long as you wish, but the software will no longer have software updates posted on our website.

Normally, if you purchased a product less than 30 days to a major version release, we will update your product for free. For Dynamic Submission™ v7.0, this means that if you ordered the Dynamic Submission™ 2000 v6.x in January 2003, you qualify for the upgrade for free. To get a free upgrade, please send an email, with you client ID to support@dynamicsoftware.com.

An Example: The price for new version 7.0 has been increased

After 3 years re-development and the investment of hundreds of man hours, the all new version 7.0 of Dynamic Submission has been released. We have received a great deal of feedback requests from our customers and we listened and incorporated them into the product. Our price for Dynamic Submission has not changed in over 2 years. With all the new features and hundreds of improvements, the price for the new version has been increased to cover the research and development cost as well as the free technical support we offer.  You may see the new prices for the full version by viewing the price list. Here are the Upgrade Prices. Although the the prices have increased quite a bit since the 90's when the first editions were released, they are in line with the pricing structure of similar products available on the market that do not even offer the feature we do.

More than 50% discount for upgrade to the new version for existing clients

We offer our existing clients a large discount to upgrade to the new version of our products. Along with the new price, comes many more features. Here is the upgrade plan for all other customers:

Upgrade from V6.x -> V7.0
FULL Price *
Upgrade Price ** (Up to 50% Off)
Express -> Standard (save )
Express -> Pro (save )
Express-> Enterprise (save )
Standard-> Standard (save )
Standard-> Pro (save )
Standard-> Enterprise (save )
Enterprise-> Pro (save )
Enterprise-> Enterprise (save )

* You may view the price list or place an upgrade order.
** Upgrade price may increase later without any further notice.

Is the upgrade price too high?
Absolutely not. If you compare the upgrade price with the old product price, you may feel that the upgrade price is too steep. If you compare your upgrade price with the new product price, you will see that you are receiving more than a 50% discount for the upgrade to the new version. The total price you are paying for the upgrade basically the different between the new price and the old prices. 

Here is a complete example:

The new price for Dynamic Submission™ Professional Edition is
(Equivalent to the Dynamic Submission™ Standard Edition of v6.x).
If you upgrade from Dynamic Submission ™ Standard v6.x to Professional v7.0, you pay only .

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