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Software and Internet Security Policy

Software Security

All our Software products are completely safe to install onto your Windows system and include an uninstaller which allows you to remove them from your system safely and easily. Dynamic Software products are digitally signed using digital certificates from our Certificate Authority, COMODO. COMODO certifies Dynamic Software Corporation, and we in turn certify all of our software and assure you that the product(s) you are downloading will not harm your computer, and are virus and spyware free.

To see the digital signature declaration you must click on the download link and select "Run" or "Open" from its existing location.

Dynamic Software Download

Once you click on the "Run" button the download will begin. When complete, you will see:

Digital Signature

This is the Digital Cetificate.


All software digitally signed and certified by Dynamic Software in the United States of America

Internet Explorer from Microsoft incorrectly considers all EXE files as potentially harmful. If you want more information on the bug, please contact Microsoft and reference ticket: SRX040428601111   Microsoft has stated that this shall be fixed in a future release.

Internet Security


We make every effort to protect your personal identifiable information. All secure orders and confidential information are processed through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology via our secure web server. All customer contact information including credit card number and name and address is guarded with the utmost security and discretion. Our secure certificates are provided by COMODO. You may verify the certificate by clicking on the COMODO logo above.

You may rest assured that Dynamic Software Corporation has your security and safety in mind at all times.

For additional information, please see our Privacy Statement.

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