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Determine your backlinks fast and easy...
Essential tool to keep track of your websites backlink

Dynamic Link Check - Check the popularity of your inbound links

Dynamic Link Check joins the Dynamic Software® product line is a very simple but powerful tool for anyone to check on the status of the backlinks going to their website.. Not only does Dynamic Link Check show the link popularity as other "link popularity checkers" do but it gives you much more detail in each and every backlink. Dynamic Link Check also shows you the Google page rank of the inbound link, the domain's pager rank the anchor text of the link as well as the, OBLs (outbound link total for the inbound link page) as well as the anchor text of the link. It comes in two edtions, Standard and Professional.

The Standard Edition of Dynamic Link CheckTM allows you to check on the status of one domain and find the backlinks of that domain. You can export the details to a "txt" or "csv" file.

The Professional Edition of Dynamic Link CheckTM allows you to check the status of a number of domains stored in "projects" in the application. In this way you can group a number of domains in a project. These projects are an excellent way for SEO professionals or Indivuiduals with a large number of domains to run the application on a specific number of domains again and again.

The results in the professional editions for each run are stored in a directory. Each project has its own directory where the results of each domain are stored as an report in HTML.

Learn more: How Dynamic Link Check Standard Works?

Dynamic Link Check ® Features All New Version 3.0 Version 1.00
  • Looks for all backlinks coming into a domain
  • Looks up the Google Page Rank for domain of the inbound links
  • Looks up the Google Page Rank for the inbound link's page
  • Show the total number of outbound links (OBLs) on your incomming link page
  • Shows the Anchor text of the inbound link
  • Shows the Page Title of the inbound link
  • Shows the keyword of the inbound link

Dynamic Link Check - Standard Edition

Dynamic Link Popularity Check

Dynamic Link Check
Standard Edition
Dynamic Link Check
Professional Edition
Suitable for
Individual users or Small
and Home business
SEO Company or indiviual
having large number of domains
Links that can be check at a time
One at a time using search box
Unlimited stored in a project
Multithread feature
Domains may be stored in a project
Check links automatically
FREE on going support
30 Days money back guarantee

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Dynamic Link Check joins the Dynamic Software® brand of products.


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Dynamic Link Check is a website Link Popularity Checker Solutions that allows you
Count your inbound links and Google Page Rank of inbound links and domains, show the number of total outbound links on your inbound link page and so much more. Now you can manage your inbound links in moments with Dynamic Link Check

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