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Case Studies

Computer Training Solutions (CTS) offers a range of corporate computer training courses. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a part of CTS marketing strategy. The company chose Dynamic Bid Maximizer to maintain the website position based on their keywords bids and targeted position.


Managing PPC campaigns is very time consuming and tedious task especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of keywords. CTS wanted a PC based system which was easy to use, efficient and could be left to do the job of watching bids and targeted positions.


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With Dynamic Bid Maximizer the company no longer needs to spend hours checking the status of bids. The software has the ability to automatically manage all Pay-Per-Click bids:

  • it checks the status and position of your bids as often as you specify
  • automatically makes bidding changes based on your parameters in order to achieve the desired position at the lowest cost possible

We asked Paul Horwitz, managing director for CTS to reveal some of the results achieved with Dynamic Bid Maximizer:

"Almost impossible to tell but using the software means that it is possible to set your requirements and get on with other work. Bid intervention is dramatically reduced using this software. Many hours a month can be saved by using PPC bid management software."

How much do you spend on PPC campaigns?
Save your advertising cost while maximizing the results.
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