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Case Studies

Lazworld.com Inc., specializes in Internet marketing and web development management and consulting services.


The company looks after clients Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on Google AdWords, Overture and other major PPC search engines. Lazworld.com initially purchased Dynamic Bid Maximizer for a large telecommunications customer to help manage several thousand keywords.


Lazworld.com, has chosen Dynamic Bid Maximizer™, automated bid management tool to be able to:

  • Create and identify the highly target keywords and phrases that convert leads in sales
  • Effectively allocate their clients budgets and increase their revenue
  • Analyse results on bidding cost through comprehensive reports



More Testimonials 

"We choose Dynamic Bid Maximizer™ for several reasons: first, we are a customer of Dynamic Submission™ and familiar with the quality and service from Dynamic Software", says David Lazar, prezident of Lazworld.com. "Next, at the time of purchase there were only 8 approved vendors from Overture, in our testing we found the software versions better than the "hosted asp" versions and we found Dynamic Bid Maximizer™to be the best value in terms of training and functionality. Finally, in terms of price, this product is the best cost and value across the board."


We asked David to reveal some of the results he achieved with the software:

"Unfortunately we can not share all the success stories we have had with your product. However once customer has saved 250.00 a day by using the scheduler. Another customers cost per click dropped from .95 to .35. A third customer had a 3% increase in conversions.", says David Lazar

How much do you spend on PPC campaigns?
Save your advertising cost while maximizing the results.
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