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Case Studies

BriterSmile is a company offering teeth whitening solutions and uses email as the main marketing medium. By using Dynamic Mail Communicator™ the company managed to convert 1/3 of its customers into repeated buyers.


Before using Dynamic Mail Communicator™, BriterSmile used to email clients only simple text advertisings, which did not enhance much repeated business. The company seeked a solution that would enable them to send their promotions in a professional looking format.


BriterSmile chosed Dynamic Mail Communicator™, email marketing software in order to be able to:

  • Send personalised email notifications to its clients (Hello John not Dear Customer)
  • Send emails in HTML format which makes them more attractive and eye catching for customers
  • Schedule the email campaign at a specific time, send pictures and attachments
  • Automatically subscribe or unsubscribe people from a mailing list
  • Remove bounced back email addresses automatically

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The company can now inform its clients about upcomming promotional offers and notification of a sale with professinal looking emials. "When I started to use Dynamic Mail Communicator™ I can send them HTML creatives in rich color photos," says Christopher Schnatz, the director of BriteSmile. "I started to get more repeated bussiness. It made my emails look more professional and I converted at least 1/3 of my customers into repeated buyers."

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